Why I love my sous vide machine

Lately, I’ve been so busy with my teaching duties that I have not had the time to cook the things that I truly enjoy eating. Thanks to my sous vide machine, I have been able to work while my dinner is cooking. The convenience of using sous vide cannot be underestimated and even better is the ability to use a trusty app to control everything remotely.


How many times have you been thawing meat and had to wait for up to an hour before you can even start cooking? Well, with sous vide that is a thing of the past. If you have any kind of foods – from chicken and beef to even vegetables – in the freezer, they can go directly into a warm bath. Cooking frozen foods sous vide is extremely healthy, even as healthy as cooking meats that are fresh. In reality, it may be even a bit healthier as there is little to no chance of cross-contamination, which occurs when defrosting meat in sinks or other parts of the kitchen.


For those that have even more questions, there is a guide to cooking sous vide on ChefSteps that interested parties can follow.


Prepping meals with sous vide is simple and easy.


With so little time in a day, who really has time set aside to cook each night a truly fancy meal? Well, with a sous vide at our disposal, you actually will have more time than you ever bargained for.

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Below are just some of the basics of a machine:


Buy veggies, poultry, and meat in bulk

Portion foods in small, individual servings

Place servings in zip-lock bags

Add olive oil or butter, herbs and spices, to the zip-lock bag

Create seals that are air-tight and then freeze


In order to cook your meal, transfer to a water bath and then add half an hour to the normal cooking time. It typically depends on what is being cooked, it might be advisable to take a few minutes to brown in your pan beforehand.


Restaurant chefs use sous vide machines to prepare food.


Some of the top, world-class restaurants in the world use sous vide machines to produce foods that are juicy, delicious, and full of flavor. By using a sous vide machine, cooks are able to:


Make great tasting chicken, especially seal in the juices for fried chicken

Extract the maximum flavor with the herbs it is cooked in

Allow the chicken time to retain the flavor of the herbs

Allows chicken a crust that is crunchy and low in oil with a flash-fry method

Meats are perfectly cooked, each time

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Cheaper cuts become even more tender.

fried chicken

Being able to cook at consistent temperatures with sous vide machine means meats are less likely to dry out and lose flavor. Cheaper cuts of meat can then be made juicier. For beef, you can try rump, chuck, hanger or skirt. For pork cuts, choose shoulder and see how much more flavor they can retain.


Sous vide machines are not just for meats, but desserts as well!

If you thought sous vide machines were only for meats, think again. You can also use them for your favorite desserts, including:


Bread pudding

Crème Brulee

Use the sous vide machine to cook for larger groups

If you love cooking for larger groups, then having sous vide machine on hand definitely comes in handy. With it, I can easily prepare meals for six people with no problems at all. Only a few hours before guests arrive, all I need to do is torch the meat for a few minutes and then serve. If you have access to a griddle, plancha, or cast iron pan, the meats can be seared in butter or oil for even more flavor. The end result are meats that are perfect, each and every time. Boom!

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Sous vide machine is more affordable than you think.


Only a few years ago, you would have to invest over $1,000 for a machine, but now you can get a device for as little as $200 in the United States. And once you purchase one, you will never look at cooking the same way again