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Why I love my sous vide machine

Lately, I’ve been so busy with my teaching duties that I have not had the time to cook the things that I truly enjoy eating. Thanks to my sous vide machine, I have been able to work while my dinner is cooking. The convenience of using sous vide cannot be underestimated and even better is the ability to use a trusty app to control everything remotely.


How many times have you been thawing meat and had to wait for up to an hour before you can even start cooking? Well, with sous vide that is a thing of the past. If you have any kind of foods – from chicken and beef to even vegetables – in the freezer, they can go directly into a warm bath. Cooking frozen foods sous vide is extremely healthy, even as healthy as cooking meats that are fresh. In reality, it may be even a bit healthier as there is little to no chance of cross-contamination, which occurs when defrosting meat in sinks or other parts of the kitchen.


For those that have even more questions, there is a guide to cooking sous vide on ChefSteps that interested parties can follow.


Prepping meals with sous vide is simple and easy.


With so little time in a day, who really has time set aside to cook each night a truly fancy meal? Well, with a sous vide at our disposal, you actually will have more time than you ever bargained for.

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Below are just some of the basics of a machine:


Buy veggies, poultry, and meat in bulk

Portion foods in small, individual servings

Place servings in zip-lock bags

Add olive oil or butter, herbs and spices, to the zip-lock bag

Create seals that are air-tight and then freeze


In order to cook your meal, transfer to a water bath and then add half an hour to the normal cooking time. It typically depends on what is being cooked, it might be advisable to take a few minutes to brown in your pan beforehand.


Restaurant chefs use sous vide machines to prepare food.


Some of the top, world-class restaurants in the world use sous vide machines to produce foods that are juicy, delicious, and full of flavor. By using a sous vide machine, cooks are able to:


Make great tasting chicken, especially seal in the juices for fried chicken

Extract the maximum flavor with the herbs it is cooked in

Allow the chicken time to retain the flavor of the herbs

Allows chicken a crust that is crunchy and low in oil with a flash-fry method

Meats are perfectly cooked, each time

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Cheaper cuts become even more tender.

fried chicken

Being able to cook at consistent temperatures with sous vide machine means meats are less likely to dry out and lose flavor. Cheaper cuts of meat can then be made juicier. For beef, you can try rump, chuck, hanger or skirt. For pork cuts, choose shoulder and see how much more flavor they can retain.


Sous vide machines are not just for meats, but desserts as well!

If you thought sous vide machines were only for meats, think again. You can also use them for your favorite desserts, including:


Bread pudding

Crème Brulee

Use the sous vide machine to cook for larger groups

If you love cooking for larger groups, then having sous vide machine on hand definitely comes in handy. With it, I can easily prepare meals for six people with no problems at all. Only a few hours before guests arrive, all I need to do is torch the meat for a few minutes and then serve. If you have access to a griddle, plancha, or cast iron pan, the meats can be seared in butter or oil for even more flavor. The end result are meats that are perfect, each and every time. Boom!

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Sous vide machine is more affordable than you think.


Only a few years ago, you would have to invest over $1,000 for a machine, but now you can get a device for as little as $200 in the United States. And once you purchase one, you will never look at cooking the same way again

A pressure washer is a busy professor’s best friend

With my hectic schedule, I find that I have very little time to do all of the cleaning projects and household chores, which means I am always looking for ways to make my life a bit easier. What I have found is that an electric pressure washer has really been able to streamline my entire life at home and I always suggest them to anyone looking to make things better for themselves in the long run. I have invested in the electric model by Ford and I cannot stress enough how important it has become in my life.


If you have no idea what a pressure washer is, you will be amazed at how fun they are to use. Seriously, the power that you have in your hands with a machine like this is unbelievable and that is only one component. Another is that you can utilize a pressure washer for just about anything: brighten your deck and revert it to its original hue, for example. With a pressure washer, it is definitely doable with a great model.


It should come as no surprise that for those that have a pressure washer get seriously upset when the time comes to use their device and it is not working properly. It can seriously be the buzzkill of all buzzkills. There are tons of bad models in the industry currently, and they are not only subpar but extremely dangerous if I really think about it.


You have probably applied a pressure washer to rid stains from your walkway or on the side of your house, but you maybe won’t realize what else they have to offer in addition to cleaning siding. With a pressure washer, you can clean a plethora of items throughout your home. Select a day that has great weather, and then go outside to tackle some of those cleaning projects.

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Suggestions on effectively Pressure Washing Your House 

cleaning material

Professionals and experts in the fields of pressure washing offer several tips on how you can use your equipment on your own, and also when it is necessary to call on the pros for assistance when you truly need it.


  1. Vehicles

I use my pressure washer when I need to get dirt and grime off my vehicle – particularly in the undercarriage and wheel wells where it is most likely to collect. I would advise not to use the highest-powered setting so you won’t be removing any of the car’s paint. RVs, motorcycle, and other types of vehicles can be cleaned using a pressure washer as well.

  1. Boats


Similar to your car, pressure washers can be used to remove algae and dirt from the boat exterior. Again, I would advise you not to use a high setting to clean your boat.

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  1. Outdoor Furniture

Image result for outdoor furniture

As you already may know, cleaning furniture outside can be quite a task as it can get dirty very quickly, especially if not properly stored away during certain seasons. Cleaning your outdoor furniture with a pressure washer can make it all look completely new again.


  1. Patios and Decks


Patios and decks are also known for accumulating significant amounts of debris and dirt thanks to Mother Nature. Using a pressure washer in this area can get rid of grime and dirt and return them to the original hue. You would be so surprised at what a difference it can make.


  1. Fencing


No matter if they are vinyl, wooden, or aluminum, fencing can get easier to clean with a good pressure washer.


  1. Garage door, Driveway and Floor


Garage floors and driveways take a beating because of constant driving, with fluid leaks and oil usually to blame for the stains. Utilize your pressure washer to eliminate markings.


  1. Grills


Grills are known for getting caked up in grime and grease, making them particularly difficult to maintain. Before you apply a pressure washer, detach any electrical hook-ups or propane.

  1. Lawn Equipment and Lawn Mower


After a year of being used, lawn equipment and lawn mowers can get extremely dirty. Use the pressure washer to remove grime and grass to get them clean for winter or spring storage.

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Additional Considerations


Check the wand, hose, and nozzles on models before buying because you will need to apply a pressure washer on them eventually. Check the hose length first and ask yourself if it is the right length to get to where you want to go. Check for pressure washers that come equipped with nozzles that are swappable.

Why we should all study philosophy

World Philosophy Day is November 16th and although many think it is specifically for students of law, it is important to tell others how philosophy can make people better students and better in general at life.


What is Philosophy?

meaning of philosopy

Coming from the Greek words for ‘love of wisdom’, philosophy uses tools of reason and logic to analyze the many ways that humans experience life and the world. Philosophy teaches close reading, critical thinking, logical analysis, and clear writing – it utilizes these to understand language and how we describe the universe and our specific place in it. Are our senses describing reality accurately? How are wrong actions classified as wrong? How should people live? These are all questions that can be categorized as philosophical, and it teaches the various ways that we answer them.


If you have ever attended university, you have probably come across some variants of philosophy that have been disguised as a scientific method for certain psychology experiments. It may be a bit more obvious with law courses, but you can also find concepts of philosophy covered in a slew of subjects, including medicine, teaching, business, STEM subjects, and more. But most people are not aware that philosophy can boost university results. The following are the ways how:


It can help construct arguments that are logical.

The logical structure is one thing that philosophy will most definitely teach you. The ability to discuss concepts that are heavier ensures that audiences remain in sync. Having a philosophical basis will enable you to define terms and line up arguments in a logical sequence.

Considering STEM-types, a philosophical foundation can allow you to structure arguments when attempting to prove or disprove something, or even guess what could occur next.


It’s Perfect for Essays

essay outline


Once you learn the fine art of structuring arguments, you will be better able to earn top marks on essays and draft some great exam notes. Apply logical theory to identify potential flaws in arguments before you submit in essay form. Once you are able to see your own mistakes, you can save yourself from a lot of problems down the road. The most elementary aspect of philosophy is the question of why, which you should be asking yourself repeatedly before constructing an essay. Why are you doing something this way instead of another? Why should you argue a position a certain way? What is the historical context of what is happening? Asking these questions to yourself enables you to draw better conclusions for your assignments.


It Will Help Shapes Your Ideas of the World


Law students are constantly searching for the cause and effect of everything, always talking about the floodgate principle. But what they are truly searching for are the consequences that affect the real world. This reasoning can be applied to STEM, psychology, and loads of areas. So there is obviously no time like the present to get yourself acquainted with the basics of philosophy. It is certainly not as boring as many think.

Philosophy in action

Armed with their laptops, the police department in Baltimore, Maryland has been utilizing them as part of the training that involves the philosopher Plato and his many teaching as part of their annual training. Some may consider this approach unconventional, but in actuality, it has been proven over the years and incorporated by many departments nationwide over the last few decades as it has been proven to aid cities. Gillespie is an instructor that encourages his students to dissect cases by applying Plato’s tripartite model in regards to police misconduct, which theorizes that behavior is controlled in part by the appetite, the spirit, or the intellect.


For those that are not aware, philosophy applies to everything, even cooking, with studies indicating that officers with more education are less likely to use deadly force. Philosophy offers more than that, however, and the following are some books that are suggested for any policeman’s reading list.


Søren Kierkegaard – Fear & Trembling

Søren Kierkegaard statue

Policemen searching to understand the manta behind ‘just following orders’ should read this book as the author illustrates the ramifications of sacrifice, using the story of Abraham and his son as a learning tool. In the book, Kierkegaard shows how Abraham questions obeying God absolutely and if the same should be done by police officers to police chiefs.


Aristotle – The Nicomachean Ethics


Of course, having laws are good, but sometimes being a good judge of character means following them and having the foresight to interpret fairly. Good police officers should utilize practical wisdom and this novel goes a long way in helping them develop it.


Onora O’Neill – A Question of Trust

Onora O’Neill with umbrella

In the United Kingdom, the principle to police by consent is practice and O’Neill argues that transparency, audits, and procedures can only achieve so much. In order to earn trust, police officers should be trustworthy.


Nietzsche – On the Genealogy of Morals


We don’t need police officers that consider themselves superheroes as this leads to police officers abusing power when they believe they are the divide between the forces of good and the forces of evil.


Confucius – The Analects


Police officers should read up on many various forms of philosophy for a more inclusive approach, which entails more than knowing everything about western theories. Police can get greater awareness than the majority of academic philosophers when it comes to cultural diversity as they are more likely to interact with a society that encompasses all ethnicities, creeds, and nationalities.


In The Analects by Confucius, readers are reminded that all cultures have core values that may be distinctly different from one another, but that the use of force should always be the last resort when it comes to enforcing the law. In the novel, Confucius says that civil suits are easy to execute, but it is even wiser to avoid all types of suits and solve problems on a more interpersonal level. The application of these theories can only help police officers become better at their job and more open to solving problems in a more humane manner.